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Hudson Valley Concierge Service Highland NY
10 Hudson Lane, Highland , NY   12528    
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What are Concierge Services?

Professional, reliable concierge services can range from picking up groceries for a new mom or senior citizen, to delivering lunch for a company whose employees are engaged in an all-day meeting, to being an extra set of hands during a busy time for a growing small business. You name the chore, we will handle it – with a smile. We are professional, always on time and our rates are extremely reasonable.

Balance Your Life…

We offer valuable support for individuals with busy schedules. This can include daily chores, such as grocery shopping walking your dog, arrangements with laundry services and dry cleaning or even running out for extra supplies while you prepare for your next big event.

Alleviate the Stress of Health-Related Situations…

Whether you have an elderly parent with special care needs, or are recovering from an illness/surgery, we can help with non-medical care. We can pick up prescriptions, run light errands, feed pets – any and all elements that help to keep your life running and your focus on healing.

Enhance Your Business…

Our time-saving services can help maintain productivity and efficiency for your business and enhance your services. From employee recruitment, database management, courier and HR services, service coordination to office cleaning, event planning and every day errands. Our diverse service can assist with any business needs.

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    Hudson Valley Concierge Services
    10 Hudson Lane
    Highland, NY 12528

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