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Students living on campus at Marist used their down time before the holidays to film and edit an elaborate video that has taken the Internet by storm.
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As you all know, I've searched & searched for the parents of the beautiful, poor Kitty that has been on my porch here at Surviving Sisters' Boutique for the last 18 days. I've spent many nights feeding & watching over her/him, building a den & worrying  Well, you'll all be glad to know that 'Kitty' has a new Mommy as of tonight! I did have to set a trap, thanks to Ann LaGoy for the generosity of the lend, a friend of hers Linda Sharkey getting us the trap from Beacon & aga...

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Thursday, 10/16, Surviving Sisters' Boutique will be closed...'Mama Dodie' is coming home from rehab & we'll be celebrating at her house  Stop by on Fri, 10/17 Fans of ‪#‎SurvivingSistersBoutique‬ after 11 AM, thank you All  Thank you for Sharing & Commenting everyone ‪#‎PoughkeepsieJournal‬‪#‎HydeParkObserver‬  ‪#‎DutchessCounty‬

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Please Fans, Today is Phone Blitz Friday...Please call (888)512-6997 & tell Govenor Andrew Cuomo to Sign the ‪#‎CPRSchools‬ Bill  Each & every person Should be trained in CPR, Are You? We made our call, did you? Please leave your answer here, thank you ‪#‎SurvivingSistersBoutique‬‪#‎HydeParkNY‬  Please Share, Share, Share   ‪#‎SmallBusiness‬‪#‎AmericanHeartAssociation‬ ‪#‎hearthealth‬ ‪#‎heartdisease‬‪#‎PoughkeepsieJournal‬ ‪#‎HydeParkObserver‬ ‪#‎DutchessCounty‬‪#‎HudsonValleyhealth‬ ‪#‎ColumbiaCounty‬ ‪#‎AlbanyCounty‬ ‪#‎FingerLakes‬‪#‎BooneCounty‬ ‪#‎GreeneCounty‬ ‪#‎WestchesterCounty‬ ‪#‎UlsterCounty‬‪#‎BrooklynNY‬ ‪#‎BronxNY‬ ‪#‎NewYorkCityNY‬ ‪#‎ClearChannel‬ ‪#‎YouretheCure‬‪#‎FoxOldies‬

Annette Adamczak's daughter Emily died of a sudden cardiac arrest. Michelle Johnston, right, is alive because her husband performed CPR. They are united in the ...

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Sunday, Sunday at Surviving Sisters' Boutique...Bikes, Sidewalk Sale, Laughter & Good Times! Stop by Shop, Ride & have some Fun  Thanks for Sharing & Commenting Fans of ‪#‎SurvivingSistersBoutique‬‪#‎HydeParkNY‬