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Stoutridge Vineyard Marlboro NY
10 Ann Kaley Lane, Marlboro , NY   12542    
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Our Wines look different

Unprocessed wines are a little hazy and have natural sediments...Learn More

Green/Eat Local

Stoutridge uses many sustainable practices in our vineyards and in our winery. These include a solar array that provides 100% of our electricity.Learn More

Slow Wine

We subscribe to the slow wine philosophy of winemaking using minimal intervention and gravity winemaking techniques.Learn More

Biological side winemaking

We use biological methods to accomplish chemical changes in the wine.Learn More

Our Distillery

All of Stoutridge Distillery's products will be produced from New York State Grown ingredients.Learn More


Stoutridge Vineyard is a premium estate winery located in Marlboro, New York, 70 miles north of Manhattan, in the Hudson Valley AVA. We are members of theShawangunk Wine Trail as well as the Meet Me In Marlborough Farm TrailPurchase tickets to our events here.

The vineyards are half a mile from the beautiful Hudson River on the south-east facing slopes of a ridge of land on which grapevines and fruit trees have been continuously planted for 200 years. The Marlboro area has a rich history of fruit and wine production and during the 1800's was the principal supplier of fresh fruit for New York City.

Stoutridge Vineyards is built upon the historical foundations of vineyards planted in the late 1700's, A winery established in 1902 which was closed by prohibition, and a bootleg era distillery which operated until 1956. We began replanting the vineyards in 2001, opened the winery in 2006, and are getting ready to open Stoutridge Distillery in late 2009.

Many of our wines and spirits at Stoutridge are locally grown, and all are from N.Y.State sourced fruits and grains. We have a strong commitment to sustaining agriculture in the Hudson Valley. Our winery is built into a hillside and our wine cellars are underground to take advantage of the passive geothermal energy, we use entirely solar generated electricity and utilize waste heat off our stills to heat the building in the winter through a radiant heating system built into the floor.

We are a gravity winery, meaning we never use pumps or filters in our winemaking. In addition we do minimal chemical processing to our wines. We do not "fine" our wines with gelatins, tannins or clays. We do not add water or sugar nor do we chemically adjust the acidity of our wines. We use minimal sulfites in our wines and we do not add sulfites or sorbates to wine after they are made. The wines are very nearly unprocessed and in a very natural state.

All of our wines are sold exclusively at the winery. By selling locally we can make our wines differently, use less processing and retain higher levels of naturally occurring antioxidants in the wines. Our winery sits amongst sustainably managed vineyards in a beautiful natural and historical setting. We have planted over 120 native species trees and you can enjoy all the wildlife which the plantings have attracted.

Come enjoy an authentic taste of the Hudson Valley at our winery, distillery and grounds. There are many picnic areas around the ponds as well as at the winery itself and we encourage long relaxing visits.

Stoutridge Winery and Grounds

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