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Antonio"s Cupcake Factory New Windsor NY
145 Windsor Highway, New Windsor , NY   12553    
845-522-8950        Email:


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Small cappuccino or latte for a low price of $1.99

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    chef-antonioI know how amazing cooking can be. It can truly inspire people to bond with each other.

    For example, my Grandma Tessie used to tell me that she fell in love with my Grandpa’s cooking before she fell in love with him. They were married for 50+ years. How remarkable, what cooking can do!

    I’m disheartened when I hear today’s college students tell me how rarely they have cooked for themselves. They are missing out on so much! I want to bring them into to the kitchen and inspire them to bond over food. Everyone should eat together, enjoy each other’s company, cook meals together, and have a great time. We’re missing these things in the world today.

    To inspire younger children to enter the kitchen, I wrote Chicken Soup for the Soul: Kids In the Kitchen, and now I want to turn my attention to college kids. I can teach them how to cook and make it fun and worthwhile for them, too!
    When I was running a café outside of Vassar College, the college kids used to tell me they didn’t have enough time, money, or skill at cooking. But I have some amazing recipes in mind – recipes that are inexpensive, easy, and fun. How can college kids resist them?
    When I was working at the café, numerous students came to me looking for cooking guidance. Teaching them how to cook was a blast, and I look forward to sharing my skill and appreciation with the college crowd in the future.

    When I moved on from the café to pursue my dreams of writing cookbooks, I really began to miss the wonderful college environment – electric, eclectic, and alive.
    Some people say that they are kids at heart. Well, maybe I’m a college kid at heart. I certainly look forward to spending more time and talent with our world’s college kids.

    Chef Antonio Frontera - Professional Experience

    Collegeview Café & Food Gourmet, Poughkeepsie, NY

    Proprietor / Consultant
    Presented an array of international foods including organic, vegan and vegetarian dishes for restaurant catering primarily to college
    students. Experimented with recipes, foods, and preparation techniques to introduce new items and daily specials to the menu
    that would feature the best in presentation, quality, and taste.
    Also administered budgets, food costing, inventory control and the ordering of grocery and fresh produce items. Hired, trained and
    supervised six employees, prepared work schedules, and conducted performance evaluations. Received many favorable
    write-ups in the College press and local magazines.

    Chianti Ristorante, Newburgh, NY

    Chef Consultant - Business Services
    Designed international cuisine services and created a multi-cultural menu and dining experience for 120-seat restaurant. Created innovative and appealing visual presentations for the various dishes.
    Researched new food products; coordinated with local farmers and vendors to obtain fresh meat and organic produce items.
    Controlled costs and waste by establishing vendor relations/delivery schedules and calculated appropriate levels for inventory and food purchasing.
    Additional duties included:
    • Supervised 15-20 kitchen staff; delegated work assignments, performed regular safety and sanitation inspections, and resolved employee complaints/disputes.
    • Performed interactive cooking shows for live audiences and assisted with organization, research, writing, set design and post-production for each performance.
    • Improved Chianti Ristorante from a 2-star restaurant to a 4-star restaurant by introducing local, organic farm grown produce and products.

    The Beacon Bar and Grill, Beacon, NY

    Food & Art Design Consultant
    Assisted with the planning, design and establishment of a new restaurant featuring International cuisine.
    Developed a secure, cost-efficient business plan and created an “old-world” style interior including a restored old oak bar with antique glass.
    Devised final design/layout of the kitchen and developed the menu, food items and pricing. Researched and wrote recipe
    catalog, created prep list, planned and prepared daily specials. Administered
    budgets, food costing, purchasing and inventory of all food/groceries, negotiated with vendors for fresh meats and produce.

    Amendola’s Restaurant, New Windsor, NY

    Proprietor / Consultant
    Operated a family-oriented Italian pizzeria with a fun and show environment. Entertained children with cooking demonstrations, flipping pizzas and cooking tricks. Directed all business operations including hiring, training and management of 10 staff.
    Administered budgeting, advertising/marketing, purchasing, and financial reporting for the business.
    Implemented stringent budget and inventory controls and calculated preparation costs for all menu items.

    Sheraton Crossroads, Mahwah, NJ
    Garde Manger Chef
    Prepared cold foods and meal presentations using fresh organic foods and produce for hot/cold buffets, banquets, and other special events seating up to 1,200 people. Governed kitchen operations including employee hiring/management, cost calculation, purchasing and inventory control.

    Hudson House Inn, Cold Spring, NY
    Pastry Chef
    Prepared homemade pastries and desserts for dining rooms and events at the oldest country inn overlooking the Hudson River in
    upstate New York.



    Antonios Cupcake Factory

    145 Windsor Highway
    New Windsor, New York 12553

    Phone: (845) 522-8950


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    "All the food is made from REAL eggs , Belgium chocolate REAL milk, no chemicals no preservatives, and NO mixes."


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    Friday 11:00 AM - 9:00 PM
    Saturday 11:00 AM - 9:00 PM
    Sunday 12:00 PM - 8:00 PM


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