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      The hvmoneysaver discount card offers the consumer a large selection of merchants all around the Hudson Valley. The card entitles you to discounts to your favorite places for miles around. Now you have the choice to support your favorite fundraisers while shopping local and supporting local businesses.

             Highlights of the hvmoneysaver cards:
 - As of now there are nearly 350 businesses to choose from in forty different towns 
      The card holder gets access to all of the merchants, even the ones we keep adding

 - The list of businesses keeps growing weekly, estimated to be close to 500 by late springtime 

 - Many different types of businesses participating, broader selection of discounts
 - Simply go to the website homepage and click on the merchant logo to reveal the discount
     and there business showcase page 
 - Each merchant has a email opt in to offer more promotions and specials to customers

 - Nine local wineries many offering two free wine tastings and a percentage off your purchase
       Take a weekend and make your wine trail to relax and enjoy and save over $100.00 !!!
- If their is a business that you don't see on our network and feel they may benefit from our 
service please recommend hvmoneysaver to them. Thank You 
 - You can search the merchants by category of business or by the towns in which they are                   located 


         We build a fundraising page for each fundraiser. The page will include a paypal tab for online purchases if the organization prefers. The fundraising pages are found by clicking the blue “MORE LINKS" tab on the homepage.

         This is a letter I use for fundraisers to explain the concept of the discount card. As a merchant to advertise you get a business showcase page that has all of the contact information that a business needs. The card holders have to click on the logos of the merchants on the homepage to reveal there offer and that brings them to your showcase page. This also includes your website or Facebook page. You can also install pictures and videos. Each merchant gets a username and password to change there  offer around anytime and to use the email opt in as a marketing tool. The businesses can post up to three offers at one time. All of this at no cost to the merchant.
          If you would like to participate all I need is your Address, phone #, email, and website. If you would like to include an offer I can load that plus everything else. We are always looking for people to join in or come up with a fundraiser. We can join together to do a fundraiser to help promote your business and make you look awesome around the community.

 Thank you, Mitchell Mckiever owner           845-926-0294